Friday, July 14, 2006

EPP off

I'm proud to announce my success in making plans to set up a new parliamentary group in the European Parliament, in the fullness of time. The new group will represent the modern progressive regressive forward and backward looking left-liberal eurosceptic right-wing, attracting support from the following European sister parties:

  • Poland: The rabidly homophobic Law and Justice Party (7 MEPs)
  • Estonia: Revolutionary Communist (Reformed) Party (1 MEP)
  • Slovenia: Bread and Windmills Alliance (1 MEP)
  • Finland: End the ban on using a Nokia while sledging Party (1 MEP)
  • Ireland: Fine Mess (1 MEP)
  • Netherlands: Cyclists and Chauffeurs alliance (1 MEP)

I know some readers will be disappointed that we are not leaving the EPP any sooner. However upon meeting the formidable German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a profound impression was made upon me. All I can say is that Mrs T has competition. Don't let me appear on Jonothan Ross again.