Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Standing together with other parties in a crisis

At a time of financial crisis, we put aside our petty disputes, and form a team with our political opponents to tackle the crisis. I am determined that George Osborne and myself will contribute our ideas to the solution. Nick Clegg and Vince Cable too have their contribution to make. Vince of course was only chief economist at Shell, whereas George here was, er, is, er the Conservative shadow chancellor.

Here's how I see the team's division of labour shaping up:

Alastair Darling will draw up the legislation.

Vince Cable will say what should go in it.

I will cleverly suggest it happens slightly more quickly.

Nick Clegg will put forward relief plans for people in danger of losing their homes.

Gordon Brown will pretend he thought of that.

George Osborne will get the tea and biscuits.

You see this way, everybody's skills get used to the best effect. That's called leadership. I love it!

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